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  1. This license is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions, available at https://INSERTLINK, and applies to Digital Content offered on the website www.stockshock.art. Its provisions should be interpreted in conjunction with the content of the Terms and Conditions, including the definitions provided therein. Polish law applies to licenses.
  2. Exclusive rights to the content made available through the Service, in particular copyright to images, names, trademarks of the Service and its Products, including the graphic elements, software, and rights related to databases, are legally protected and belong to STOCKSHOCK or third parties with whom STOCKSHOCK has entered into appropriate agreements. 
  3. Copying and any other forms of using any elements of the Website are prohibited without STOCKSHOCK’s consent. 
  4. The use of Digital Content offered to customers is possible under the licensing terms presented below. 

General Licensing Terms:  

STOCKSHOCK grants users a non-exclusive, non-temporal, and non-territorial license to use Digital Content on terms dependent on the type of license. Digital Content is made available under: 

  • a free license
  • a paid license.  Each piece of Digital Content has information regarding the type of license under which it is made available. 

Modifying Content: 

Customers may use Digital Content in the form provided to them on the Website or modify it as they see fit.

Duration of Use of Digital Content:

  1. To legally utilize Digital Content under the licensing terms offered by StockShock, it must be downloaded: 
  • in the case of purchase through the Cart – using the link sent via email, at any time after the Order has been paid, as long as the link remains active. 
  • during the Subscription period, following the Subscription plan. 
  1. Materials downloaded during the Subscription period can be legally used under the terms presented in this document even after the Subscription has expired. 

Withdrawal from the Agreement: 

The license does not apply in the case of effective withdrawal from the agreement for the delivery of Digital Content or Subscription. In such a situation, after withdrawal from the agreement, customers have no right to use the downloaded Digital Content, and any use will be considered a copyright infringement – whether the Digital Content was used before or after the withdrawal. 

Paid License:  

A paid license is applicable when purchasing access to individual Digital Content or downloading them as part of a Subscription, in accordance with the Subscription plan. 

Licensing Terms: 

Type of Use: The license encompasses the use of Digital Content for both private and business purposes, for unregistered activity as well as business activity (solely or conducted in the form of companies). 

Limitation to a Single Project: 

  1. The downloaded Digital Content may be used solely for a single project, following its legal download. 
  2. A new project that requires the reacquisition of Digital Content or its re-download as part of a Subscription is considered to involve the use of the same Digital Content in another marketing or sales campaign related to a different contracting party, product, subject, action, etc. 
  3. For the purposes of the same project, the following are considered: 
  • changing the graphic’s resolution to use it in various formats 
  • adapting the graphic to different social media platforms (e.g., using it for both a post, Instagram story, short video cover, and YouTube thumbnail) 
  • using the Digital Content multiple times to promote the same product, service, or brand. 
  • using the Digital Content both in a digital product and in associated marketing content. 
  1. In cases of doubt as to whether a specific use of Digital Content falls within the scope of a single project or should be considered a new project, please consult STOCKSHOCK for interpretation. 

Signing Content: 

  1. Signing the author of Digital Content and providing the source (Stockshock) is required when using them, whether modified or unmodified, in: 
  • printed books or ebooks 
  • television 
  • press.  The required format for signing content is as follows:  Material by [insert name or pseudonym of the artist], obtained from stockshock.art or  The work contains material by [insert name or pseudonym of the artist], obtained from stockshock.art or in an abbreviated form:  @[insert name or pseudonym of the artist], stockshock.art The signature can be placed alongside the used Digital Content, in the editorial footer, on the editorial page, or in the caption section. 
  1. Signing the author of Digital Content and providing the source (Stockshock) is required when using them on a website in an unmodified form (i.e., in the same form as obtained from the website) or slightly modified (filter, color change, color modification, etc.).  
  2. The signature can be placed directly below the used Digital Content in the following format: Material by [insert name or pseudonym of the artist], obtained from stockshock.art or in an abbreviated form: @[insert name or pseudonym of the artist], stockshock.art 
  3. For other ways of using Digital Content, signing the author of the used Digital Content and providing stockshock.art as the source is appreciated but not mandatory. This applies, in particular, to using Digital Content in various content formats on social media. 

It is allowed to use downloaded Digital Content: 

  • On websites. 
  • On social media – regardless of the number of views. 
  • On physical products (mugs, shirts, other utility items, postcards, posters, etc.) – regardless of the number of copies. 
  • In printed form – in books, brochures, leaflets, etc. 
  • In digital products – regardless of the number of copies sold. 
  • In materials shared on the internet for promotional purposes, advertising collaborations, and advertising your own products, including self-promotion (please note that this does not include use in traditional media such as TV, press, and radio, which requires a separate licensing agreement with STOCKSHOCK). 
  • In traditional media, such as television, press, and radio. 
  • In school projects. 
  • In social campaigns. 
  • In presentations and internal company documentation. 
  • In educational materials, including online courses and training, both free and paid. 

It is prohibited to use downloaded Digital Content for: 

  • Further resale as digital files without making substantial modifications. 
  • Sharing on a competitive service operating on similar principles to STOCKSHOCK. 
  • Organizing art exhibitions or in any way that would misrepresent the authorship of Digital Content or misappropriate their authorship. 
  • Use that violates the dignity or personal rights of individuals depicted in the Digital Content or portrays them in an unfavorable light. 
  • Promoting illegal activities. 
  • Creating a registered trademark or otherwise aiming to legally restrict the use of specific Digital Content by other users. 
  • Use that may infringe upon other laws and the rights of third parties, including trademark rights visible in Digital Content, the right to one’s image, personal data protection rights, etc. 
  • Political campaigns and promoting political parties, political programs, and politicians. 
  • Promoting sexual services. 

In the context of the license granted by STOCKSHOCK, the Client has the right to use the Digital Content exclusively in the following fields of use: 

1.a Storing in the memory of the Client’s electronic devices.  

1.b Playback and viewing.  

1.c Reproduction under the terms specified in this license, both in digital and printed form. 

1.d Publicly sharing the work in a manner that allows everyone to access it in a place and time as determined chosen by himself. 

Removing Watermarks: 

  1. Obtaining Digital Content without watermarks is possible after purchasing access to the Digital Content or downloading it within the limits of a subscribed plan. 
  2. It is prohibited to download paid Digital Content using any technique and use it without payment or subscription. 
  3. The Client is not allowed to remove any protections and markings applied to paid Digital Content unless they have purchased access to them or downloaded them within the limits of their subscription. 
  4. Using paid Digital Content with an applied watermark is permissible, but solely for non-commercial purposes. 

Subsequent Licenses: 

  1. The Client is not entitled to grant further licenses. 
  2. In the case of using Digital Content to create materials on request for further use, the Client is obliged to transfer the acquired license to their contractor. In this situation, the Client loses the ability to use the transferred Digital Content. To use it in another project, they must repurchase it or download it again within the limits of their subscription plan. 
  3. The transfer of the license should be in written or documentary form, specifying the exact Digital Content to which it applies. 


  1. STOCKSHOCK makes every effort to ensure that the offered Digital Content is made available on the website with respect to the copyrights of their authors and in accordance with the legally binding copyright agreements. However, it cannot exclude the possibility that customers may mislead it. In such a situation, the responsibility for using the work in a manner that violates the copyright of a third party lies with the Client. 
  2. This document provides the right to use Digital Content on the presented licensing terms in accordance with copyright law. However, it does not grant rights to trademarks, personal data, images of individuals, industrial designs, or copyrights to elements reproduced in this Digital Content (such as buildings, architectural ensembles, musical instruments, choreographic works, etc.). The determination of whether they can be used in the assumed form and obtaining the necessary permissions is the sole responsibility of the Client. 
  3. STOCKSHOCK, in the manner permitted by law, disclaims responsibility for the legality of the Digital Content offered on the website. 
  4. The responsibility for the legality of the Digital Content posted in the Service by third parties (Creators) lies solely with these individuals. 

Changes in Licensing Terms: 

  1. The license can be changed at any time. 
  2. The Client is bound by the version of the licensing terms in effect on the day of downloading the respective Digital Content.
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