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Hi! My name is Jowita Niemczyk. I am a photographer. Throughout my entire photographie career I collected thousands of photographs. For a long time I did not know what to do with all the photographie collections. That is how the idea was born. I decided to create this website as a photographer's community to enable them to sell their own collections. It is also an opportunity to share the effects of photographers' work with people around the world. If you are a photographer you can join our community and sell your work all over the world.

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You can join me and sell your work in many markets around the world. I'm just starting, but I know that this project will allow us to spread our wings!

How to motivate you to act? Share your photos, music, graphics and earn passively. Your passion, your business!

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Join me! I believe that together we will be able to create a community of creative people who want to share their history and work. I'm waiting for you!

Do What You Love

Photos have the power to capture fleeting moments and emotions. They create unique moments that tell different stories and tell stories in one frame. We love what we do. We catch moments. And for you what is photography? Join me and share your captured moments!


What our Photographers Say

Marek Brzezinski

Inspirational and Affordable I’m always amazed at the variety and affordability of the pictures available in StockShock.art. Whether I’m looking for a classic landscape or a modern abstract, I know I’ll find something that speaks to me without breaking the bank.

Marek Brzezinski

Amateur photographer Denmark
Marek Brzezinski

The photos of your collections are truly amazing. Continue providing the great service and introducing the world to the beauty of art!

Marek Brzezinski

Amateur Photographer
Agi T.

I wish I knew stockshock.art earlier.
Fantastic stock… images which haven’t yet been used in any other photo-stocks available today, which makes them very unique, original and valuable.
I recommend it.

Agi T.

Graphic Designer Marseille
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